Accelerated Bachelor of Arts Major and Minor Degree

If You Have No College Credits, or Fewer than 32, This is Your Program

If You Have the Associate Degree, You Can Earn the B.A. Major and Minor with Modules Two & Three

Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser.
Teach a righteous man, and he will increase his learning.
Proverbs 9:9

Program Design
This Program Has Been Designed to Provide You with a Comprehensive Biblical Education
in an Accelerated Online Four Module Bachelor of Arts Educational Model.

Module One: The Certificate in Mastering the Bible

  • The Certificate in Mastering the Bible is designed to give you the Foundation of Biblical Knowledge that is necessary to complete the course Projects in the Bachelor of Arts Major and Minor courses.

  • In the Online Resource Room you will find the textbook for the 39 books in the Old Testament. The author is the President of Atlantic Coast College. In textbook format, this book is in its 14th printing.

  • The Online Resource Room textbook for the New Testament is by a New Testament scholar. He has earned the M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Ph.D. from the University of Southern Illinois.

  • Because textbooks are in included in your Online Resource Room, no other textbooks are required and you enjoy the financial benefit.

  • The average time required to complete Module One and earn the Certificate in Mastering the Bible, is 30-60 days. However, this time can be more, or less, depending upon the amount of time you devote to your Accelerated Online Module One each day.

  • The Certificate in Mastering the Bible is awarded concurrently with the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Module Two: The Bachelor of Arts Major Concentration

  • When you have completed the Certificate in Mastering the Bible, you will select the Major Concentration in your Bachelor of Arts degree program.

  • You may choose your B.A. Major Concentration from the seven Concentrations offered by Atlantic Coast College of the Bible. See the Bachelor of Arts Program page for details.

Module Three: The Bachelor of Arts Minor Concentration

  • The Minor Concentration is unique to the Accelerated B.A. Degree. It has been designed for the specific purpose of providing a complete biblical education for those who have no previous, or very little, college education.

  • Although classified as a Minor, it actually puts the capstone on the Bachelor of Arts degree program. The B.A. Minor must be different from the B.A. Major. It is selected at the time of registration. Study is begun on the B.A. Minor after completing the B.A. Major Concentration.

  • Minor Concentrations are: Biblical Studies; Christian Leadership; and Pastoral Ministry. Each B.A. Minor contains nine Audio Lecture courses shown below, and a Reflective Writing Project on the nine courses.

    The B.A. Minor Audio Lecture Courses

    • Biblical Studies
    • Pastoral Ministry
    • Christian Leadership
  • The Audio Lecture courses are completed using the Audio Lectures that are in the Online Resource Room. No textbooks are required to be purchased for the nine courses in the B.A. Minors.

Module Four: Life Learning Experience Credits

  • The number of Life Learning Experience credits required in Module Four is determined by the transferable college credits you have.

  • If you have no previously earned college credits, the maximum 32 credits for Life Learning Experience will be granted. See the Bachelor of Arts Program page for details.

  • Life Learning Experience Credits are granted at no cost in this program only.

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