Bachelor of Arts Degree Program Details

If your objective is to only complete a Bachelor’s degree and do not intend to move on to a Masters or Doctoral program please review the INSTITUTE website where your Bachelors program can be completed in a very short period of time and at a lower tuition cost.

If your goal is to move to a Masters and Doctoral program then review the information on the Fast Track Combined BA/MA program or Fast Track Combined Triple Degree program-BA/MA/Doctorate.

Atlantic Coast College of the Bible offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree in:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Counseling
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Theology

In the Division of Women’s Studies with Additional Electives

  • Christian Counseling for Counseling Women
  • Pastoral Ministry for Women in Ministry

Transfer Credits from Other Educational Institutions

Credits earned through previous college level study, or equivalent course credits earned while in military service, may be used for transfer toward the Bachelor of Arts degree program, providing that not less than 32 credits remain to be earned at Atlantic Coast College of the Bible to complete the requirements for the degree. There is no charge for the transfer credits. The Florida Department of Education Commission requires that not less than 25% of the credits required for the B.A. degree be earned at the granting institution. This limits the maximum number of transfer credits and Life Experience credits to 96.

Credits Granted for Life Learning Experience

Credits are granted for experiential / life learning in undergraduate college education.

The Florida Department of Education Commission requires that not more than 25% of the credits required for the degree be replaced by credits granted for validated Life Learning Experience in the chosen degree concentration. This Florida State requirement for the 128 credits Bachelor of Arts degree applies as follows:

For the Bachelor of Arts Degree: 32 Life Learning Credits can be used toward the 128 credits required.

Schedule for Granting Life Learning Experience Credits

  1. Credits granted for Life Learning Experience must either directly relate to the Major Concentration, or the Minor Concentration if applicable, or to the generally accepted list of General Education courses required in non-religious B.A. degree programs. Generally, most adults over age 25, the minimum qualifying age to receive Life Learning Experience credits, will have employment and or ministry experience in one or more of these subjects.
  2. Each year of full time related employment qualifies for 8 credits of Life Learning Experience in the B.A. program.
  3. Validation of the related employment must be received within 90 days following registration in the B.A. program.

Life Learning Experience credits used to reduce the 128 credits required for the B.A. are $30.00 each.

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 Completed Study Award Certificate

New Life Bible College of the Bible Philosophy

To provide the Bachelor of Arts student with a high quality and practical learning experience, the Major Concentration and the Minor Concentration, each includes audio lectures. The audio lectures are for course enrichment and personal ministry use.   The lectures will enhance the courses in your curriculum and increase your knowledge in the area of study you have selected. The audio lectures are available to you in your personal Online Resource Room.

Information for ordering the textbooks for courses in the Major Concentration, Project assignments, instructions for submitting your course Projects, and dozens of biblical research and a variety of study sites are included in your Online Resource Room.

The Major Concentration in your B.A. degree program is displayed on the degree award certificate. (See above sample.)