Computer Labs

Volunteer working at a NLEDC Computer Class at Familie Tiez.

Beginner Computer Classes

If you think computers and the internet are not for you, you’re not alone!  In this class you will learn all the computer basics.  We will walk you through step-by-step basics like using a mouse and keyboard, how to search the internet, sending e-mails and so much more. Let’s get started!

Register at your local church.

Computer for Kids

Learning can be so much fun! Here are lists of websites children of all ages can work from. These websites not only teach your child how to read and do math, they can work at their own pace and have fun by playing games.

When the children are placed on the websites, they will be monitored and assisted as needed.

Try this website for some cool learning etc.


Mobile Computer Class

Intermediate Computer Classes

Acquisition of Intermediate to Advanced skills on Windows PC’s and the family of Microsoft products, including but not limited to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.  You will learn emailing and the Google Platform. This class will position you for a better job.

Register at your local church or send us an email.

Advanced Computer Classes

Since you may already know or now you have completed our basic and intermediate computer course let’s take it one step further. In this class you will apply all the things you have already learned and we are going to practice everyday computer skills to increase your chances of getting into the school of your choice, or getting your dream job.  You will get a more in depth look at word processing and many more advanced technology skills.

Register at your local church or send us an email.

Entrepreneur Level

This is the level that we teach you the workings and components of the computer. We teach you how to diagnose, repair and upgrade computers. A second career maybe…..

Are you interested? Sign up at your local church or call us.

All of these classes are free of charge!  The Intermediate, Advanced, and Entrepreneur Classes are taught by Microsoft Certified Teachers.